Defunct company / partnership

Defunct company / partnership

File a petition To request the return of the name of the partnership or the company registers.

   A partnership or a company that is registered by the Registrar. Do not trade or conduct business. The Company does not submit the financial statements to the Office of the Securities and Exchange Commission every year. Over 3 years, the partnership becomes a deserted company. The result is the termination of the juristic person from the name of the registrar. No legal status anymore.

   To return to the register. The director or shareholder must have his or her lawyer file a petition to the court requesting the registrar to order the company to return the registration.


The right to file a petition

1. partnership

2. Companies Directors Shareholder

3. Creditors (Revenue Department)


Documentation of the petition

1. Corporate / Corporate Certificate

2. List of shareholders

3. List of registered partnerships

4. Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BANGKOK) Signing Ceremony

5. copies of ID card, director / partner

6. Letter of Consent of Director / Partner

7. documents confirming business operations, such as invoices, sales invoices, invoices, receipts, receipts, contracts, etc.

8. items of property of the juristic person (if any), such as land title deed, vehicle registration manual, deposit account etc.

9. Evidence of claims to third parties (if any), such as checks, debts, etc.


The Thailand Civil and Commercial Code


Removal of Registered Partnerships, Limited Partnerships and Limited Companies from the Register Sections

Section 1273/4 If a partnership, a partner, a company or any shareholder or creditor thereof feels unfairly aggrieved by the partnership or company having been struck off the register, the Court on the application of the partnership, partner, company or shareholder or creditor may, if satisfied that the partnership or company was at the time of the striking off carrying on business or in operation, or otherwise that it is just that the partnership or company be restored to the register, order the name of the company to be restored to the register, and thereupon the partnership or company shall be deemed to have continued in existence as if its name had not been struck off; and the Court may by the order give such directions and make such provisions as seem just for placing the partnership or company and all other persons in the same position as nearly as may be as if the name of the partnership or company had not been struck off. Any request for restoration of the name of the partnership or company to the register may not be made after the expiration of ten years from the day the name is struck off by the Registrar.”


Additional Advice from Lawyers

1. Application for initiation of a dispute without dispute or unilateral Charge 200 baht

2. when the court orders the petition. The petitioner must pay the newspaper fee. Copy to Registrar And the authorized director of the juristic person To oppose

3. In the way of inquiry, it must be said that the petitioner is a director. Or a shareholder in the company or partnership. During the registrar, an order from the register of the company is still in operation (such as contract period, etc.).

4. When the court ordered the request, after 1 month, the court order To bring the Registrar to register the name of the company to return to the juristic person under the law.

5. Registrar upon receipt of the order. There will be a return order registered. And amend the registration information in the certificate. With the order to write the name back to the register submitted to the Government Gazette.

6. file a petition to the court where the entity has its head office.

7. Duration of operation 2 - 4 months


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