Divorce consent Agreement

Divorce consent Agreement

The Thailand Civil and Commercial Code Relevance

Section 1514 Divorce may be effected only by mutual consent or by judgment of the Court.

   Divorce effected by mutual consent must be made in writing and certified by the signatures of at least two witnesses.

Section 1515 Where marriage has been registered as provided by this Code, divorce by mutual consent is valid only if the registration thereof is effected by both the husband and wife.


Sample of court judgments interesting

Judgment of the Court of Justice No. 592/2538

   Divorce certificate is only one person who is not registered under the Civil and Commercial Code, Section 1516, paragraph two, the plaintiff, the wife can not be sued to force the defendant to divorce her husband from the plaintiff in the book.


Judgment of the Supreme Court No. 5887/2533

   Divorce by divorce Effective only between the plaintiff and the defendant. This is the cause of deterioration of the rights of outsiders who do not honestly. Unless you have divorced. According to the Civil and Commercial Code, Section 1515 if the defendant refused to register a divorce, as defendants dispute the plaintiff's rights under the divorce. The plaintiff would like to sue the court for the defendant to divorce the defendant. Without the need for divorce under Section 1516 of the Civil and Commercial Code, and the plaintiff's suits such as this, the plaintiff will have to register the registrar in the eye. Section 16 of the Family Registration Act BE 2478. This is a mandatory condition. Will the entry into force in England? It is a matter for the plaintiff or the stakeholders to continue.


A copy of the Divorce Letter with consent is as follows

1. ID card

2. house registration


4. marriage certificates

5. marriage registration

6. birth certificates

7. documents related to property such as title deeds, title deeds, condominiums, deposit accounts, car registration, etc.

8. Documents relating to marital debts, such as loan agreement, statement of debt, etc.

9. important books showing change of name (if any)

10. ID cards, 2 witnesses


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Divorce consent agreement



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