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Thanu Law Office Founded in 2012 to present

    To conduct legal consultancy. In addition, they provide comprehensive business law services Since the registration of the partnership, registered companies, partnerships, tax planning services, Work Permit & Visa, Trademark, Family Law Labor Law Bankruptcy Law Land Law Legal advisor or Notary Public Services

    With a sense of duty and responsibility in the lawyer profession. Under the terms of the powers and duties of the law and ethics. The office will be fully capable of working with honesty. To protect your rights carefully and succinctly to your trust.

    You will be comfortable. Fast and fair Systematic and quality work. When you use the service from us. You can call 24 hours a day.

                     Mr. Thanu Kun-on (Head of Office)


Lawsuit service

Civil Case / Mortgage, Loan, Guarantee, Construction, Condo House and Land

Criminal case / misappropriation, fraud, defamation, libel

Family case / divorce, Kindergarten - Foster Child Recall

Consumer Case / Credit Card Personal loans

Labor Case / Unpaid Workers' Compensation

Land lawsuit

Bankruptcy case

Estate Case

Arbitration Case

Appeal for all types of appeals.


Contract and legal services

Loan agreement, Condominium for rent, factory building contract. Testament Premarital contract Divorce consent letter Contract to buy and sell land and house. Foster care agreement


Company Registration Service - Partnership

Become a corporate legal advisor.

Law enforcement services at auction



Look up the property of the debtor.

Home Mortgage Loans Money in the bank account


Notary Public Services

Certified true copy.

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"All your problems. We have a solution always "

Open daily 24 hours

Free legal advice.

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  • รับรองบุตรThanulegal.jpg
    Child legalized registration The law recognizes children born of women who have not married to men. The only legitimate child of a woman. According to the Civil and Commercial Co...

  • ฟ้องหย่าThanulegal.jpg
    Divorce - Thai & Foreigner Procedures of Application Divorce by consent Spouse should be made by both parties concerned to the Provincial Administration Office Divorce by the ...

  • สมรสThaulegal.jpg
    Prenuptial Agreement The spouses may enter into a contract of special property before marriage, but the prenuptial agreement must not be contrary to public order or good morals. ...

  • สัญญาหย่าThanulegal.jpg
    Divorce consent Agreement The Thailand Civil and Commercial Code Relevance Section 1514. Divorce may be effected only by mutual consent or by judgment of the Court. Divorce effect...

  • อำนาจปกครองบุตรThanulegal.jpg
    The child custody after divorce is divided into two cases. 1 case of divorce with consent Have your spouse make a written agreement at the district office or district office. Which...

  • condocasethanulaw.jpg
    Condominium case If the seller is not finished. Or delayed than scheduled. Buyers can claim damages as follows. 1 case of unfinished construction (Stop building midway) or not fini...

  • กู้ยืมThanulegal.jpg
    Loans – Suretyship Case A loan is a borrowing contract, which a person calls "borrower". Borrow a certain amount from another person called a "lender" and the borrower agrees to ...

  • ก่อสร้างThanulegal.jpeg
    Wrong contract for the construction of buildings, warehouses and other buildings. Deposit Insurance Commissioning A contract of employment means that the contract of remuneration a...

  • DBDTLG2.jpg
    Abandoned company / partnership File a petition To request the return of the name of the partnership or the company registers. A partnership or a company that is registered by the...
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